Do's and Don't

Dear Traveler,

In today’s fast and ever shrinking world, Air travel is the most preferred travel option. While everyone desires a healthy and safe flying experience, frequent flying and long flying hours can take a toll on passengers’ health. Following are a few recommendations to make your flight experience better.

Before the flight
Drink ample water and if possible avoid intake of alcohol, coffee and tea.
Eat light.
If possible go for a change, loose clothing keeps you relaxed during the flight.
Apply moisturizer to prevent dryness of skin.

During the flight
Drink ample water and if possible avoid intake of alcohol, coffee and tea.
Eat light.
During long flights it is advisable to take small strolls in the plane.
Light exercises as mentioned below are suggested to avoid cramps and optimize blood circulation.

While seated it helps to perform these light exercises at regular intervals to reax the body and have the right blood circulation.
Rotate your ankles, stretch and fold the feet, stretch and flex your leg muscles, arms, shoulders and neck, Stretch your hands above your shoulders.

Your safety is our prime concern. We earnest request all our patrons to kindly adhere to all safety regulations as Important safety measures keeping in view your safety as our primary concern we always request all patrons to kindly adhere to the regulators mentioned below for further clarifications please get in touch with the in-flight attendant.

Electronic Devices
Use of radioactive devices, such as mobile phones, radios, GPS locators and remote controlled toys are prohibited during flight hours. Please keep your mobile phones switched off during the flight. Personal computers and video games can be used during flying hours but must be switched off during takeoff and landing.

As per government regulations, smoking is totally prohibited on board any flight. As a measure of strict compliance aircraft’s toilet's are equipped with detectors. Heavy penalties may be levied upon those not complying with the regulations.

Safety Procedures
Kindly pay attention to all safety announcements made and follow the instructions given by the cabin crew. Please refer to the information sheet on safety procedures kept in the seat pocket.

Alcohol is served on board by the in-flight crew on demand however the crew can use their discretion and refuse a passenger who has consumed too much. Passengers are not permitted to consume the alcohol that they are carrying with them.