Quick Check List

Are you all set for your travel? Let us do a quick check !

Reconfirmation of Booking
Some airlines need you to reconfirm your return flight. Please do so at least 72 hours before your return flight. It is important to have contact details of local reservation office of the airlines at your destination.

Passport and Visas
Please ensure that you have a valid passport with a minimum validity 06 months and the necessary visas for all the countries you plan to visit. It may be helpful to carry the contact details of the respective Indian Embassy in the countries you plan visit (or visit our website for this information)

Please check your ticket carefully for correct names, departure and arrival dates. Your name should appear exactly as per your passport.

Departure time
On the day of departure before leaving for the airport, please check with the airline the exact departure time.

Airport Check-in
In India the minimum check in time for all international flights is 3 hrs before departure and for all domestic flights it is 2 hrs before departure.

Emigration Check Required (ECR) India
Temporary suspension if some one traveling on Work Visa.

Foreign Exchange
Please check if you have the required Foreign exchange / Travelers cheques / Forex card to meet your expenses during the travel. Please do not forget to carry your travelers cheques receipts/ vouchers / local contact details in case of loss.

Travel Insurance
It is always advisable to have a comprehensive travel insurance to cover for any medical emergencies, injury or loss of possessions.

Please carry your hotel reservation no. / vouchers as well as the contact details of the Hotel.

Please check with your travel consultant about the vaccination requirements of the destination country.

Driving License
If you are planning to drive overseas, it is advisable to have an International driver’s license issued by the automobile authorities in your city.

If carrying prescribed medicines, it is advisable to carry your Dr’s prescription as it may facilitate your passage through the customs.

Food and Other eatables
It is advisable to check the customs requirements for Food and other eatables to be brought in the country of destination.

Copy of Itinerary / Contact details
Please leave a copy of your itinerary/Hotel contact details with a family member or your office in case they need to contact you urgently.

Copies of all travel documents
It is advisable to have two copies of your travel documents especially passport, visas, insurance policy etc. One with you while traveling but secured separately from the originals and one back home.